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reset one – for male teenagers and young adults
reset one is the name of our specialist counselling services for male teenagers and young adults aged 13 to 21 who are the victims of crime or bullying. The team at the counseling center have been supporting those affected since January 2010 with a concept adapted to the needs of people in this age group. Frequent concerns of those affected are experiences of mugging, violence and bullying in the context of school or social networks.
For young men in this age group, it is especially difficult to overcome inhibitions about accepting help from strangers. It is not easy for them to perceive themselves as the victim of bullying or violence, as this is not compatible with the image they have of themselves. At reset one, we make it possible for them to make sense of what has happened and to feel safe again. We provide information about the procedure of reporting a crime, including the statements that have to be made and the rights and obligations of victims and witnesses.
Working closely with young people, we develop strategies for overcoming experiences ranging from bullying to mugging and violence. Together, we try to establish realistic goals that they want to work towards. We discuss the next steps and, if necessary, recommend other services, such as self-defence training, (trauma) therapy and self-help groups.