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Witness support unit at Moabit criminal court (Moabit Kriminalgericht)
The witness support unit was established in 2001 in cooperation with the Senate Department for Justice. It is staffed by a permanent team of two qualified social workers (one female, one male) and a freelance staff member. Based in offices within Moabit criminal court, Wilsnacker Strasse 4, we provide advice to those affected by crime in person, by phone and by email.
We support people, and their families, who have to give evidence in court as a witness or victim of crime – from when the charges have been made right up to the conclusion of the trial. Children can also be witnesses. In order to meet their particular needs, we use methods that are appropriate for their age, such as a set of dolls, in order to prepare them for the situation they will face in court and when making a statement.
Information and guidance
Our rooms provide a safe place where people can pass the time before a hearing. In a calm atmosphere, we offer detailed information about the trial process and explain the rights and obligations of victims and witnesses. We also give our visitors the opportunity to see the courtroom in advance and provide personal guidance during court cases.
Witness support
Moabit criminal court
(Moabit Kriminalgericht)

Entrance at Wilsnacker Strasse 4
10559 Berlin

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 8.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
and by telephone appointment.

T. +49 (0)30 9014 3498
F. +49 (0)30 9014 5934