Transparent Civil Society Initiative

Opferhilfe – Hilfe für Opfer von Straftaten in Berlin e.V. (shortened as Opferhilfe Berlin e.V.) has signed up to the Transparent Civil Society Initiative. It has an obligation to disclose in the required format what goals it has, where its funding comes from, how such means are used and who decides on spending.

1. Name, domicile, address and year of establishment of Opferhilfe Berlin e.V.

Opferhilfe Berlin e.V.

Oldenburger Str. 38

10551 Berlin

Year of establishment: 1986

2. Articles of association and details of the goals pursued by Opferhilfe Berlin e.V.

3. Recognition as a non-profit association

Opferhilfe Berlin e.V. is registered with Berlin tax office Finanzamt für Körperschaften I under tax identification number 27/674/50565. In communication dated 24 November 2009, the tax office confirmed that the organisation serves exclusively and directly non-profit-making purposes in accordance with Section 51(ff.) of the AO (General tax code). It was also stated that the organisation is exempt from corporation tax pursuant to Section 5, Paragraph 1, Item 9 of the KStG (Corporation tax act) and from VAT in accordance with Section 3, Item 6 of the GewStG (Trade tax act). Opferhilfe Berlin e.V. is authorised to issue donation receipts for tax purposes.

4. Name and function of the principal decision-makers at Opferhilfe Berlin e.V.

Management board:

Professor Claudius Ohder (Chairman)

Dr Petra Mund

Gerhard Schmidt-Burda

Managing director:

Janice Bridger

5. Progress report

6. Staff structure

As of April 2012, the staffing situation at Opferhilfe Berlin e.V. is as follows: At the counseling center, three counsellors (2 female, 1 male) work on a full-time basis together with an administrative assistant. Two of the counsellors are salaried social workers from the Berlin Justice Department with a permanent post at Opferhilfe Berlin. Witness support services are provided by part-time two counsellors (1 female, 1 male, both with an 81% working week). In addition, there is a team of freelance staff. One voluntary member of staff works for the organisation.

7. Source of funds

Opferhilfe Berlin e.V. is financed by contributions from the Berlin Senate Department of Justice in the amount of €150,730 each year. The organisation is instructed to cover any incurred costs using its own funds, the majority of which are acquired from fines and donations.

Opferhilfe Berlin e.V. manages the victim fund of the ‘Dialogue’ project initiated by the social services division of the Berlin Justice Department (see Annual Report). This is an item in transit.

8. Allocation of funds

The financial resources of Opferhilfe Berlin e.V. are used exclusively for the purposes set out in the articles of association (see Item 2, ‘Details of goals’). As part of the annual audit, regular inspections are carried out to ensure that funds are used for the specified purpose.

9. Connections of the organisation

Opferhilfe Berlin e.V. is a member of German welfare organisation Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband Landesverband e.V. and the Arbeitskreis der Opferhilfen in Deutschland (ado), the national umbrella association of professional victim support workers.

10. Names of legal entities whose annual contributions account for more than 10% of our total annual revenue

In 2011, the organisation received contributions from the Berlin Senate Department of Justice and funding through penalty fines. Both sources accounted for more than 10% of the total annual revenue of Opferhilfe Berlin e.V. (the total value of fines is intended).

(see Item 7, ‘Source of funds’)

Stand: 20.03.2013