Who we help and what we do

Experiencing a crime first-hand can change your life in a single moment. Almost everyone feels that their personal safety has been compromised for a long time after the event. It is common to feel anger and fear as a result, and a lingering sense of hopelessness. Many people suffer from symptoms such as sleepnessness, nightmares and internal unrest. For those who witness a crime, the trial that ensues is often an extreme burden, not least because they have to give evidence. They may also have the fear of reliving the trauma.
Opferhilfe Berlin e.V. provides direct support to the victims and witnesses of crime and their families during these critical situations. We help them to come to terms with the experience, showing them what opportunities exist and advising them about the most appropriate action to take – no matter whether they are affected by stalking, domestic violence, burglary or other forms of violence. We support children and teenagers using methods appropriate for their age.
We always tailor our counselling sessions to suit the needs of those concerned. You can choose between a male or female counsellor. Especially if you are a man who has been affected by domestic violence, it may help you to speak to someone of the same sex. Depending on your preferences, we can organise counselling for individuals, couples and family groups. If required, we can provide contacts to other professional service providers, including therapists who specialise in trauma and solicitors. Furthermore, we can help you with any necessary formalities such as completing applications.
Our staff are specialists in their field and work for us on a full-time basis. As a result, we can offer quick support without any red tape and a thoroughly professional service.